Popular Astronomy Club's Mobile Observatory

The PACMO has a state-of-the-art telescope housed in an observatory on wheels.   PACMO contains a 12-inch computer controlled telescope that once aligned on two stars, will find and track any object visible in the sky. We envision the telescope being used at public observing sessions around the Quad Cities and the bi-state area. Under the guidance of club members, thousands more will experience Saturn's rings and the dance of Jupiter's moons, watch sunspots come and go, look down on the moon as if from lunar orbit, study comets and star clusters, and peer into the cradles and deathbeds of stars.

For more information about PACMO and to request a PACMO vist for your group, please contact our observatory director, Rusty Case.   Be sure to include the word PACMO in the subject field.

see the members build PACMO